Slipping and Sliding in Lee or Newmarket, NH?

Invest in salt spreaders and regain your footing

Thousands of people get injured each year by slipping on icy surfaces. You can avoid adding to that statistic by picking up one of the salt spreaders available at Fisher Plows Of Lee, NH. Spreading salt on your driveway, sidewalk and walkways raises the freezing point of surfaces, making it harder for ice to form.

Want to prevent injuries this winter? Come to our store today to choose from our salt spreaders for sale.

Make your driveway safe for walking and driving

Make your driveway safe for walking and driving

If it's almost impossible to walk on your icy driveway, don't risk getting hurt. Fisher Plows Of Lee, NH has the equipment you need to stay safe this winter.

We offer different types of salt spreaders designed for:

  • Pick-up trucks
  • Commercial trucks
  • State trucks

Swing by our store today to browse our selection of salt spreaders for sale in Lee, NH, near Newmarket.